Welcome to WOHS

Embrace. Enrich. Inspire. Every student at West Oso High School can count on our team of educators to embody our simple yet powerful motto. Serving students in ninth through twelfth grades, we take honor in educating the rising generation. We are the Bears! 

    A Message from Our Principal

    High school is a pivotal point in life and can set the course for many years to come. At WOHS, we understand this and work hard to deliver the education students will need once they venture beyond high school.

    We want to embrace the unique characteristics of every student, enrich their learning experience with opportunities to explore what the world has to offer, and inspire them to reach higher and pursue their goals. We set high expectations because we know our students can meet them.

    We want to be your partner in education and welcome your support and input.

    Warmest regards,

    Terry Avery

    Terry Avery