Counselor Corner

Your high school years set the stage for the years to come, and a great set up requires careful planning. Whatever you want to do, learn, or be, let our school counselors be your go-to resource for everything from high school course selection to scholarship searching and all the steps required in between.

Graduation Requirements

The Foundation High School Program is a flexible program that allows students to choose a track to pursue their interests. All graduates must follow the core 22-credit foundation plan, which includes the following credit requirements:

4 English credits
3 Mathematics credits
3 Science credits
3 Social studies credits
2 Foreign language credits (language other than English)
1 Physical education
1 Fine arts
5 Electives
Demonstrated proficiency in speech

Diploma options:

  • Endorsements: students choose one of five endorsement options focused on a related series of courses: STEM, Business & Industry, Public Services, Arts & Humanities, Multi-Disciplinary Studies
  • Distinguished Level of Achievement: Includes the Foundation Program requirements plus an additional math credit (including Algebra II) and science credit and at least one endorsement for a total of 26 credits. This distinction is required for admittance to a Texas public university under the Top 10 percent automatic admission law. 
  • Performance Acknowledgments: note outstanding achievement in dual credit courses, bilingualism/biliteracy, PSAT, ACT ASPIRE®, SAT or ACT, Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate exams, earning a state, nationally- or internationally-recognized business or industry certification or license

Contact Info

Rhonda Garcia
ECHS Coordinator
(361) 806-5960, ext. 506

Sandy Hernandez
Counselor: A–L
(361) 806-5960, ext. 524

Michelle Powell
Counselor: M–Z
(361) 806-5960, ext. 552